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  1. Click on Login in the navigation bar at the top of the page.
  2. Fill out the Create an Account form
  3. Click Sign Up and follow the steps. Be creative when choosing a username; this will be your "character" on FRAME. Fiction is welcome! Although you do not need to enter your real name, you MUST enter a valid email address.
  4. Click Ready Go! to complete your registration.
  5. Check your email and click the link provided to validate your account. 
  6. To log in and participate in FRAME, you can either use your username or email.

NOTE: to associate a profile picture with your account, you must use a globally recognized avatar ("Gravatar"). Click HERE to get started!

The Page Curl

As you move your cursor down the site, you will notice a little page curl in the bottom right corner of each post. Click on that. There is another page underneath with a lot of possibilities and information.


Click on the page curl at the bottom of each post to see how others have responded or to respond yourself.

Your response can take many forms:

  • Words (up to 2000)
  • A link to another site
  • A picture (jpg, gif, png)
  • An animated gif (a picture that appears to move)
  • Music or sound
  • Video (YouTube or Vimeo)

NOTE: in FRAME, a song in SoundCloud is considered a video. 

Nothing you share in FRAME will be uploaded to this site; instead, all responses (except words) are embedded into FRAME using the url (web address) of the item you wish to share. See a video you like that seems pertinent on YouTube? Copy the video's url and paste it into the Respond section. 


New Paradise invites your participation within FRAME. See something that sparks an association of ideas? Have a contrasting point of view that you want to share? Then join the conversation. Your response can take almost any form--words, a picture, a song, a video--that you find on the internet. You can create original content for FRAME. As long as something has a url--in other words, it "lives" on the internet--it can be shared in FRAME. 

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If FRAME inspires you to create your own material, you can share this, too! 
  • For a video, upload to YouTube or Vimeo and paste the link in the response section under the page curl.
  • For a sound file, upload to SoundCloud and paste the link as a video.
  • To share an original photo or animated gif that is on your computer, you first need to upload it to the internet. A link to do this will be provided when you click Respond under the page curl.

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Be creative when choosing a username; this will be your "character" on FRAME. Fiction is welcome!

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